About Bebé PODPants™

In this busy world, saving even a few minutes can make a huge difference, especially when traveling with babies! As a mom of 5, for me, that’s an understatement.

Four years ago. I’m at home doing laundry; my two-month-old son is hanging out in his undershirt kicking his fat little bare legs; and we needed to go out to run a few errands, and I had no time to look for clothes to cover his lower body. Pressed for time… I wrapped his legs in a blanket and off we went. Later that evening, a light bulb went off and I created what I think is the next BIG thing in infant clothing since the undershirt. And I call them, Bebé PODPants™. 

A clothing item, used in place of pants, socks and shoes to dress your baby’s lower half, when they’re only wearing a shirt. It’s worn over the baby’s legs; like pants up to the waist and has a convenient opening for car seat and stroller buckles. Think just an “undie” and done-zy. Totally cute and SUPER convenient. 

Bebé PODPantsTM has gone through many modifications to finally the patent pending design featured today and has been tested and proven by both new and veteran parents in car seats AND strollers as a great addition to the one-piece shirt baby usually hangs around the house in and a MUST-HAVE diaper bag essential!

Trust me, I'm a busy mom trying to help other busy parents nationwide to save a few minutes and maybe even a few strands of hair when traveling with babies. Buy Now!