Life of a Southern Mom - Bebé PODPants: No more lost socks #Review *Holiday Gift Guide* November 06 2014



This little Angel is comfortable and ready to go wearing her Rainbow Chevy Bebé PODPants!


Bebé PODPants had the pleasure of being reviewed by Jennifer from Life of a Southern Mom and we are elated to share her experience with you!  Please visit her website to see the full review but here's a small excerpt!

"Enter my savior: Bebé PODPants. Not only do I not have to worry about socks, now I also don’t have to worry about putting on a pair of pants too! The design is simple but profound. It is a large sack with an elastic band at the top opening which keeps it from falling down. It also has what looks like a large button hole sewn half way down the pants. This opening allows the baby to wear them in a seat with a harness. Whether it be a carseat, baby swing, stroller, or bouncey seat, the buckle can easily fit through the Bebé PODPants."

Thanks Jennifer we are honored to have you and Life of a Southern Mom's review of Bebé PODPants!