Bebé PODPants was reviewed by Mommy By Nature! August 14 2014

Bebé PODPants was reviewed by Nichole from Mommy By Nature and what a great review it was!  Thank you Nichole for such great feedback and support of Bebé PODPants!   We are over the moon with happiness on how they are working out for you and your little guy!  He is so precious and we are so glad to hear that his lil legs are being kept warm in the grocery store! :)



"My main concern was not for diaper blow outs but for when we got in to stores and hit the refrigerated aisles. I hate to put pants on my son with the hot Florida weather. He also can’t stand to have socks or shoes on unless he is trying to walk. Even more of a concern were rainy days. Getting wet and cold. This product is light weight and keeps him warm. I love how easy it is to latch the buckle for the car seat through the little slit."


To read the full review, please visit and be sure to pick up Bebé PODPants for your little one too!