Bebé PODPants as reviewed by August 13 2014

We love hearing how well Bebé PODPants are being received with great reviews such as the one over on  People don't really know what to expect until they actually try the product as see that it is in fact, a must-have item for each and every diaper bag, for each and every mom, dad and/or caretaker.  You never know when you will have to be rushed away from one thing to another and when you have to take baby with you, sometimes you just don't have the time to look for their socks or shoes, or even their pants!  And, sometimes you are caught totally off guard when your little one experiences a big diaper blow out when you are out and about, then what?  Do you go into panic mode or do you simply and quickly whip out your Bebé PODPants to save the day?



Here you'll see the reviewers sweet little girl all comfy cozy in her Bebé PODPants!  


"And since we seem to always be in the car or out and about it was perfect for traveling. The PodPants have a convenient opening where your car seat and stroller straps slip right through and away you go! These are also very handy to have around when you need an outfit change on the go and I will be keeping one in my diaper bag at all times just to be covered."

To see the full review, be sure to visit, oh, and be sure to pick up your Bebé PODPants too!  Thanks Mixing Bowl Savings, we appreciate your review!