Bebé PODPants in review on August 12 2014

Bebé PODPants was recently reviewed by Laura from and we love that her and her little girl are enjoying our product that was specifically designed to help moms, dads, caretakers, etc. when they are faced with busy day to day events...even the ones we don't plan for {those icky diaper blow out moments would be one of them}.   You really need to pick up one or two for your diaper bag, we know you won't be sorry!  Take a look at the review shared on and I'm sure you'll know how happy Laura was that she had hers with her!


We often get questions regarding sizing and how long babies can actually wear Bebé PODPants and we wanted to share a quote from the recent review as she has summed it up nicely.




"It is a really simple but practical piece of clothing to have in your baby’s diaper bag. Bebe POD Pants fit from birth to approximately 6 months, but really depends on your baby’s height and weight. My tiny 13 lb, 24 in long, 6 month old has tons of room left and I foresee her being able to fit in it for quite some time still."


Thank you Laura for your great review on!  I am happy to see Bebé PODPants are being used as they was intended...though, sorry about the diaper blow out! ;-)