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Life of a Southern Mom - Bebé PODPants: No more lost socks #Review *Holiday Gift Guide* November 06 2014



This little Angel is comfortable and ready to go wearing her Rainbow Chevy Bebé PODPants!


Bebé PODPants had the pleasure of being reviewed by Jennifer from Life of a Southern Mom and we are elated to share her experience with you!  Please visit her website to see the full review but here's a small excerpt!

"Enter my savior: Bebé PODPants. Not only do I not have to worry about socks, now I also don’t have to worry about putting on a pair of pants too! The design is simple but profound. It is a large sack with an elastic band at the top opening which keeps it from falling down. It also has what looks like a large button hole sewn half way down the pants. This opening allows the baby to wear them in a seat with a harness. Whether it be a carseat, baby swing, stroller, or bouncey seat, the buckle can easily fit through the Bebé PODPants."

Thanks Jennifer we are honored to have you and Life of a Southern Mom's review of Bebé PODPants!

Bebé PODPants Review by Chronicles of Carmen September 30 2014

Carmen loves to take her daughter Marina out on walks in her stroller but hated that Marina would get bit up by mosquitos.  Bebé PODPants were the solution to Carmen's problem.  Read the FULL review HERE!

The Girl From A Small Village reviews Bebé PODPants August 16 2014


Look at this cutie patootie!  She is loving her Bebé PODPants!


Bebé PODPants were recently reviewed by The Girl From A Small Village and we are happy to share their findings with you!  Please take a look at their website and you can see the full review, but below is just a little snippet of their findings...


"The pants are made for zero to six months, which I did not realize till I received them. My daughter is 14 months and they fit her perfectly! I am so glad Bebe Pod Pants has made this moms life a bit easier."  

Thank you again The Girl From A Small Village!  We hope your little sweetie continues to enjoy her Bebé PODPants!

Bebé PODPants was reviewed by JuiciChic August 15 2014



JuiciChic shares their review of Bebé PODPants and you have to look at how adorable this little fella is wearing his navy blue Bebé PODPants and this is what mom has to say...


"When I first saw it online, I found it’s really a cute idea to have a bag-like garment taking place of pants and socks. It is like a little bag that covers from waist to toe but with a hole that the lower buckle of the car seat can fit through."  Read more here...


Thank you JuiciChic for the wonderful review!

Bebé PODPants was reviewed by Mommy By Nature! August 14 2014

Bebé PODPants was reviewed by Nichole from Mommy By Nature and what a great review it was!  Thank you Nichole for such great feedback and support of Bebé PODPants!   We are over the moon with happiness on how they are working out for you and your little guy!  He is so precious and we are so glad to hear that his lil legs are being kept warm in the grocery store! :)



"My main concern was not for diaper blow outs but for when we got in to stores and hit the refrigerated aisles. I hate to put pants on my son with the hot Florida weather. He also can’t stand to have socks or shoes on unless he is trying to walk. Even more of a concern were rainy days. Getting wet and cold. This product is light weight and keeps him warm. I love how easy it is to latch the buckle for the car seat through the little slit."


To read the full review, please visit and be sure to pick up Bebé PODPants for your little one too!


Bebé PODPants as reviewed by August 13 2014

We love hearing how well Bebé PODPants are being received with great reviews such as the one over on  People don't really know what to expect until they actually try the product as see that it is in fact, a must-have item for each and every diaper bag, for each and every mom, dad and/or caretaker.  You never know when you will have to be rushed away from one thing to another and when you have to take baby with you, sometimes you just don't have the time to look for their socks or shoes, or even their pants!  And, sometimes you are caught totally off guard when your little one experiences a big diaper blow out when you are out and about, then what?  Do you go into panic mode or do you simply and quickly whip out your Bebé PODPants to save the day?



Here you'll see the reviewers sweet little girl all comfy cozy in her Bebé PODPants!  


"And since we seem to always be in the car or out and about it was perfect for traveling. The PodPants have a convenient opening where your car seat and stroller straps slip right through and away you go! These are also very handy to have around when you need an outfit change on the go and I will be keeping one in my diaper bag at all times just to be covered."

To see the full review, be sure to visit, oh, and be sure to pick up your Bebé PODPants too!  Thanks Mixing Bowl Savings, we appreciate your review!

Bebé PODPants in review on August 12 2014

Bebé PODPants was recently reviewed by Laura from and we love that her and her little girl are enjoying our product that was specifically designed to help moms, dads, caretakers, etc. when they are faced with busy day to day events...even the ones we don't plan for {those icky diaper blow out moments would be one of them}.   You really need to pick up one or two for your diaper bag, we know you won't be sorry!  Take a look at the review shared on and I'm sure you'll know how happy Laura was that she had hers with her!


We often get questions regarding sizing and how long babies can actually wear Bebé PODPants and we wanted to share a quote from the recent review as she has summed it up nicely.




"It is a really simple but practical piece of clothing to have in your baby’s diaper bag. Bebe POD Pants fit from birth to approximately 6 months, but really depends on your baby’s height and weight. My tiny 13 lb, 24 in long, 6 month old has tons of room left and I foresee her being able to fit in it for quite some time still."


Thank you Laura for your great review on!  I am happy to see Bebé PODPants are being used as they was intended...though, sorry about the diaper blow out! ;-)

Nola Bébés reviews Bebé PODPants April 21 2014

We loved watching this video review from Nola Bébés!  Thank you for taking the time to review Bebé PODPants!  We hope your little one continues to enjoy it and gets to go back to the zoo soon! :)