Diaper Bag Needs Lists and Best Loved Baby Items

Toi Box, LLC's Top 5 Diaper Bag Needs for New Moms April 13 2014

If you are expecting a baby or looking for a baby shower gift for a mom-to-be, our top 5 diaper bag essentials are sure to make mama smile!

First and for most, you need a diaper bag, right? We originally said we would share our top five diaper bag essentials, but if you don't have a diaper bag to put them in, it won't really matter, would it?

With that said, one of the best diaper bags we have found what we think is one of the coolest, most practical, and the chicest diaper bag ever AND, it happens to be on sale, right now for only $79.99! It is the timi & leslie bag, Sophia in Lemon and Shadow White. It comes fully equipped with everything a diaper bag should...and then some!

When you have a baby you need to prep your diaper bag with some essential items. The 5 diaper bag essential items below are what we personally feel are must-have items, meaning you should never, ever, leave your house with out double checking to make sure you have all of these items with you at all times! BTW, all the below items have been invented or are hand-made by Moms, so by purchasing these items, you are helping a Mom-Entrepreneur & their family.

1. Bebé PODPants™of course! Why do we feel these are essential? One diaper blow out and you'll thank us! One Bebé PODPants™ takes the place of three baby items; no more need for shoes, socks or extra pants! Bebé PODPants™ come in 5 different colors at $23.50 and new print designs coming soon. www.bebepodpants.com


2. Diapers! You will need lots and lots of diapers! The best way to go is cloth, so we think these diapers are functional and best for baby's tiny bottom. Viva La Cloth - The Charlie - One Size - Pocket Cloth Diaper Bamboo Terry - Hybrid Pocket Style - Snap in Soaker OR Stuff in Insert can be found on Etsy for $16.00

3. An extra Pacifier! Yes, babies like their paci's for sure, so if your baby is a paci baby, you'll need to make sure you have plenty for those uh-oh moments when you realize that baby popped it out of his/her mouth and it's somewhere laying on the floor of a store or something! We love the Paci's from Nuk! Check out others because sometimes babies aren't satisfied with one brand and you may need to try a few before finding the right one for your baby.

4. Wipes! These aren't only good for wiping tooshies, they are also good for cleaning off a dirty table at the local mall food court! We love custom designed wipe cases, especially the ones from LauraKateMonograms on Etsy! They are super adorable and can be personalized for just $15.00!


5. A Bowl & Spoon set! You never know when you will be out and about and need a spoon, fork or a bowl to feed baby. This set {Nuby Easy Go Bowl w/Fork & Spoon} is the perfect size for your diaper bag and the spoon attaches to the bowl so you don't have to worry about digging at the bottom of your diaper bag for the one and only spoon you have in there! And, for less than $6.00, you should probably get a few!


You might have others essentials that you'd like to toss into your diaper bag, but if you have just these five items, you'll be able to take on any situation that comes your way as a new mom!