Infant Travel Clothes by Bebé PODPants - Kickstarter Video UPDATE October 05 2014

We thought it'd be a great idea to show Bebé PODPants in use, with live video shots as opposed to animated in hopes that anyone who watched would understand how Bebé PODPants is used, and why it IS the next BIG thing in infant apparel. Share Bebé PODPants with new and soon-to-be parents, they will thank you!


Bebé PODPants Video Set Photos

Sean giving Isabella and I some much needed direction.

I had to make a Blanket Fort with the Boom (microphone) to get the voice over as clear as possible. HA!

We hope you have as much fun watching the UPDATED Kickstarter Campaign video as we had making it.  There were MANY outtakes and huge laughs on set (as you probably see from the photos above, LOL). Shout OUT to HRM Incorporated for shooting the video.  Kim, Sean and Marcus are TRUE professionals. Here's a link to their website: If you're in the Washington DC metro area and need video shot, produced and or edited check them out!