Car Seat Clothes Revisited - First Post November 23 2013


I'm very excited to finally bring Bebe PODPants to the retail market. My son Christian was the inspiration for this wonderful creation, and now 2 years, many personal and medical ups and downs, a patent, a couple of trademarks and a lot thinner hair, Bebe PODPants is ready for the masses.  It was always a challenge keeping up with Christian's"growth-spurts", matching socks and/or laundry.  Using only one garment to replace three (baby pants, socks and shoes), Bebe PODPants made it so much easier for me to dress him quickly, plop him in his car seat and be out the door with a quickness not usually possible with an infant. What I love the most is not having to make them on my old sewing machine anymore, my manufacturer is great they understood my vision and went for it and the best part is that they are located right here in the good old USA, production may cost a little more but i'd have it no other way.  

Now fast forward a little bit, Isabella, my now 4 month old daughter is my newest mini travel companion and since receiving the production "pods", they've been a life saver for quick trips to the grocery store or to her well baby appointments.  I urge other parents of infants or soon to be parents, try one out and you'll see what I mean.