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INPEX, Invention Trade Show - Bebé PODPants™ Won a GOLD Medal! July 16 2015

Bebé PODPants™ exhibited at InventHelp's INPEX 30th Anniversary Trade Show, held at the Monroeville Convention Center, outside of Pittsburg, PA, June 16-18 and what a wonderful time we had. With opportunities to hear from speakers, AJ Khubani CEO & President of TeleBrands Corporation and Brook Drumm of the Science Channel's All-American Maker's to name a couple, as well as learn from seminars at the George Foreman, Inventor's University. But the two events that put the icing on the cake for us was pitching for Shark Tank producers and winning overall in the category of Infant and Childcare and taking home a GOLD medal!

Bebé PODPants Wins Gold MedalINPEX 2015 Infant/Childcare Gold Medal Winner Tiffany Copon

Tiffany Copon - Inventor of Bebé PODPants

Bebé PODPants Pitch for Shark Tank Producers

About INPEX Invention Show:

INPEX®, the invention trade show, brings innovators and industry together under one roof. This gives exhibitors the chance to gain exposure, generate interest and receive feedback for new products and invention ideas! This not only gives inventors a chance to meet with representatives from businesses and companies, but also helps exhibitors to learn more about the business, legal and developmental aspects of inventing, via the George Foreman Inventor's University. Which features a number of different seminars, presentations and panel discussions geared toward educating inventors.

Infant Travel Clothes by Bebé PODPants - Kickstarter Video UPDATE October 05 2014

We thought it'd be a great idea to show Bebé PODPants in use, with live video shots as opposed to animated in hopes that anyone who watched would understand how Bebé PODPants is used, and why it IS the next BIG thing in infant apparel. Share Bebé PODPants with new and soon-to-be parents, they will thank you!


Bebé PODPants Video Set Photos

Sean giving Isabella and I some much needed direction.

I had to make a Blanket Fort with the Boom (microphone) to get the voice over as clear as possible. HA!

We hope you have as much fun watching the UPDATED Kickstarter Campaign video as we had making it.  There were MANY outtakes and huge laughs on set (as you probably see from the photos above, LOL). Shout OUT to HRM Incorporated for shooting the video.  Kim, Sean and Marcus are TRUE professionals. Here's a link to their website: If you're in the Washington DC metro area and need video shot, produced and or edited check them out!



Get Our Unique Children's Clothing First - New Bebé PODPants Kickstarter Reward Added September 24 2014

Bebé PODPants: Get the Next BIG Thing in Infant Clothing FIRST! NEW EARLY BIRD KICKSTARTER REWARD ADDED!


Bebé PODPants Packaged and READY for Early Bird Orders


Select the Early Bird Pledge of $20 to get ONE of the awesome Bebé PODPants (that's 15% off) in ANY of the four color/print designs offered or if NO Kids, NO Problem... Get the LOGO t-shirt (Men, women or KID sizes available at this pledge level). We wanted to show some LOVE to our early supporters. Limited quantities at this price.
Continue to check back for additional updates to the Kickstarter campaign.



My First Bebé PODPants TV Interview - WBAL TV 11 Baltimore (NBC) December 06 2013

So awesome my first interview on TV promoting Bebe PODPants.  Elated and very grateful for the opportunity to be interview by Sarah Caldwell for a show called 11 TV Hill.  Being a Baltimore native, it was great to go back to my hometown where I had my beginnings to showcase the beginnings of a product I created, Bebé PODPants.  Thank you Wanda Draper of WBAL and Arthur Hawkins of The Image Facktory Groupe LLC for making it happen. Just an all around AMAZING experience.

Car Seat Clothes Revisited - First Post November 23 2013


I'm very excited to finally bring Bebe PODPants to the retail market. My son Christian was the inspiration for this wonderful creation, and now 2 years, many personal and medical ups and downs, a patent, a couple of trademarks and a lot thinner hair, Bebe PODPants is ready for the masses.  It was always a challenge keeping up with Christian's"growth-spurts", matching socks and/or laundry.  Using only one garment to replace three (baby pants, socks and shoes), Bebe PODPants made it so much easier for me to dress him quickly, plop him in his car seat and be out the door with a quickness not usually possible with an infant. What I love the most is not having to make them on my old sewing machine anymore, my manufacturer is great they understood my vision and went for it and the best part is that they are located right here in the good old USA, production may cost a little more but i'd have it no other way.  

Now fast forward a little bit, Isabella, my now 4 month old daughter is my newest mini travel companion and since receiving the production "pods", they've been a life saver for quick trips to the grocery store or to her well baby appointments.  I urge other parents of infants or soon to be parents, try one out and you'll see what I mean.